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Craps has a unique and well distinguished ancestor: the Hazard. However, its origin is unclear. This game would have been conceived by William of Tire, an English gentleman, who would have been inspired during the invasion of a royal fortress in 1125. The castle was called As art, in honor of the noble family that lived in it.

Various encyclopedias such as Wikipedia British or confirm the Arab origin of this game. Indeed, the name derives from "the Tsar", meaning simply "given" in that language.

What we can certainly say is that Craps is played in England many writings testify to the nobility and the bourgeoisie regarded the Craps as one of his favorite pastimes. In particular, in "The Canterbury Tales" devotes a long chapter to Craps.

The pioneers of this game would be the Arabs. After the Arab invasions of the Iberian Peninsula, would emerge a new set of macabre name: "throwing the bones". The buckets they used back then as "dice" were actually bones that Arabs called "Czar".  After centuries of history, the who dominated at that time, they changed the name of this game by Hazard. It was the Merovingian period. The craps, as we know it today, is played the same way in the traditional casinos in the online casino.

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