Different Gambling Laws in British Columbia

Gambling and all the activities associated with it is a very sensitive subject in many parts of the world. Places like India and several other conservative nations have policies that frown at gambling activities for the most part.

With the influence of technology through online gambling platforms, the situation is even more complicated in some parts of the world. However, we like to think things are different in BC as this Canadian location is definite about how gambling activities should be conducted in the territory.

A large chunk of the revenues generated from gambling activities is intended to do certain things as enshrined in the government’s legislative Act.

Which Gambling Platform Is Allowed in British Columbia?

Before you decide to play any game of chance in British Columbia, you must be certain it is legally permitted. On that note, the following games of chance are permitted in the province:

Table Games at Offshore Casino Locations

Licensed Online Gambling Site

Licensed gambling Events

50/50 Draws

Horse Racing

There are many options you can explore if you choose to visit an offshore casino venue. Examples include bingo, lottery ticket, poker, slot machine, and many others. Unlike many other parts, the province of British Columbia is very reserved about the idea of gambling online. One of the reasons for this could be the need to ensure safe gambling practices in a monitored environment. As a result, there is only one licensed online gambling site in the province.

Key players in the industry are hoping that this will change very soon. This is especially given how the covid-19 pandemic and the resultant restrictions affect the financial turnover of commercial gambling ventures. It, therefore, seems like playing online is the safest thing to do.

There is also the possibility of betting and winning prizes from organized gambling events. However, these events must be licensed and in alliance with protocols as enshrined in the province’s Gaming Act.

Who Is Eligible to Gamble and Conduct Gambling Activities in British Columbia?

To carry out gambling activities either as a player or gaming service provider in British Columbia, the following criteria must be met:

You must be well over 18 years

Licensing is very crucial

Adherence to the policies enshrined in the Gaming Control Act

The city of British Columbia and many other parts of Canada is blatantly opposed to minors engaging in gambling activities.

In light of this, people below the age of 19 are not allowed inside a venue where gambling activities are being conducted. Violation of this is equivalent to crossing the line with the law, and there are penalties attached.

Also, service providers of gambling activities are expected to secure the pertinent license from the authorities. This ensures that the service providers are willing to adhere to the Gaming Control Act’s biddings.

Speaking of the Gaming Control Act, this is the legislative law binding on all forms of gambling activities that takes place in the province of British Columbia.

This legislation is so detailed that it gives directives on how the revenues generated from gambling activities are to be used to benefit the community at large.


If you must gamble in the province of British Columbia, you must do this with a licensed platform. This is to protect your interest by playing in a gambling venture that is accountable to the authorities.

Other than this, ensure that the gambling venture is all out to give you the time of your life with amazing games and generous bonuses.

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