Backgammon Rules for Casino

If Before the game of Backgammon start, you have to decide who goes first. Each player throws a die and the one who got the highest score goes first. If both get the same result, the draw is repeated until you get a different result.The player who starts the game moves a pawn according to the number of boxes designated by a nut, and a pawn (the same or another) according to the result of the other die. Then comes the turn of the other player, who throws the dice and move their pieces accordingly.

As you have noticed, the movement of the pieces following the numerical value of the boxes. Also, you can only move in a counter-clockwise (and your opponent only clockwise). For example, Backgammon rules allow you to move your pawn from box 13 to box 7, but not the opposite.

A big advantage of Backgammon played at online casinos is that makes things easier, because it rejects all moves excluded from the regulation.A player can move his pawns on a box when this is free or occupied by its own pawns or occupied by a single opposing checker. If there are at least two opposing pieces, this box is locked and you can not place their.

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